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Adding Notification Capability to Your Amazon Echo

One of the capabilities that is missing from the Amazon Echo is the ability to initiate spoken notifications even when the user hasn't addressed the Echo. Although Amazon will likely address this at some ... [More]

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A Lasercut Neo-Pixel Tree

I noticed Rich Hawkes project on Hackaday for a WS2812 LED Tree and then reading comments further found a lasercut tree on Hackaday.io. The 7 rings were a little pricey but I found this 93 LED 5-ring set ... [More]

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Collecting Sound Level Values with a Raspberry Pi

Quite a while back at one of our meetup groups one of the attendees wanted a way to monitor and document sound levels. We discussed a couple of approaches. One would be to use a microphone and monitor ... [More]

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Using a Raspberry Pi for Timelapse Photography

A couple of years back my daughter picked a science project that involved growing beans in varying magnetic fields. I thought it might be interesting to film the beans growing over a period of weeks. An ... [More]

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Controlling X10 (or Anything) from an Echo with Hue Bridge Emulation on a Pi

The Amazon Echo can be extremely useful for triggering home automation. This ranges from custom homebrew devices to widely used devices like Insteon, Wink, etc. I happen to have a mixture of devices including ... [More]

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A Raspberry Pi-based State Poster Project

At our daughter's school, all the 2nd graders put together a "state board" project. They are randomly assigned a state (in our daughter's case, Vermont) and the students work to put together a poster on ... [More]

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Retransmitting Alarm System State Changes with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

I spotted a post by Lior Hass on Hackaday a little while back where he described his Alarmino project where his alarm system now connects with an Arduino and a custom board to simulate the phone line and interpret Contact-ID ... [More]

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